Access to affordable healthcare

for American immigrants

With no SSN, bank account, or credit cards, undocumented immigrants can't have access to healthcare programs or private insurances. And without their pre-negotiated rates, they can't afford doctor consultations. 

Our mission is to provide affordable access to telehealth

for undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

We have developed a mobile platform to help undocumented immigrants to reach doctors,

with total privacy, while paying affordable rates in cash.

But we need your support to take the next steps. 

The Problem:

Undocumented immigrants have a difficult time getting healthcare




Without a Social Security Number,

undocumented immigrants can't be

enrolled in any existing healthcare

programs or private insurances.




Doctors are expensive,

and more if one can't benefit from

private insurance

pre-negotiated tariffs.




With no bank accounts or credit

cards, the existing telehealth

solutions payable by credit card

are out of reach.




Privacy is a big concern.

In the past, ICE has obtained

patients' personal information

from doctor's offices.




Language can be a huge barrier

when dealing with busy receptionists

or explaining complicated symptoms

to a busy doctor.




Most of undocumented immigrants

can't afford the half a day off from

their precarious jobs that it takes

to physically visit a doctor.

The Solution:

A Telehealth Mobile Application with affordable rates,

total anonymity, and payable with prepaid cards

Our goal is to be able to propose the following pricing.



Through the ImmiCare platform, you can gain access to Spanish-speaking U.S. licensed doctors by chat, voice call or video.

Your prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy and you’ll be notified when it’s ready to collect.





Our telemedicine app will help undocumented immigrants in the U.S. to receive medical advice from a licensed doctor living in their country of origin.

Counselors cannot prescribe medication nor treat your condition in U.S.


Coming Soon



Get unlimited consultations

with a doctor in your language.

You can get prescriptions sent

to your pharmacy.


Coming Soon

Our Story


ImmiCare is a collective of common people who came together for one purpose: to provide undocumented immigrants in America with easy access to high-quality telehealth and advice on-demand. With a diverse team of legal immigrants from across the world, we too have experienced the struggle that comes with accessing healthcare in a country we call home.

We believe that health is not only a human right but the basis for happiness and integration into American society. That’s why we have created a digital platform that provides undocumented immigrants with access to affordable Spanish-speaking doctors anytime, anywhere.

Our telehealth solution would allow the patients to receive medical treatment without being beholden to an office schedule that does not fit the patient’s needs.
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The Founder

Percy Calderon is ImmiCare's founder. Having been born in Peru before relocating to France, traveled to over 40 countries, studied in Los Angeles and finally settling in New York, Percy considers himself a professional immigrant. 


Bringing a strong academic background that includes Master degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Banking and Trading, Percy launched his professional career. He helped global businesses to assess risk and ensure regulatory compliance, working in Paris and London.


Yet, something didn’t quite fit. Having always felt a passion for helping others, he combined his business acumen and digital aptitude with his drive to create a better life for others. The result was Doctor Direct, a company he started to provide telemedicine to those who struggled with physically accessing healthcare. Simultaneously, Percy set up Veterinarian Online, a teleconsultation solution for vets and pets. Both projects proved rewarding but ultimately led Percy Calderon to a greater goal in his personal search for purpose.


Having traveled to Patagonia, Alaska, Nepal, India, and Tanzania, and having lived with immigrants in LA and New York, Percy was touched by the stories of individuals who struggled to get the appropriate healthcare they needed due to the legal frameworks around immigration. Inspired by the injustice he witnessed, Percy began building a network of like-minded people and healthcare practitioners in order to create a solution that would help tackle this problem.

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