We are all immigrants. 

 We welcome immigrants not because they are American,

but because we are American. 

Immigrant Care Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling undocumented immigrants to get access to affordable health care.  


We are a collective of common people, Americans and legal immigrants, that believe there is an injustice towards undocumented immigrants.  

Because health is not only a human right, but also the basis  for happiness and for full integration into the American society

We create a platform that gives undocumented immigrants access to affordable Spanish speaking doctors, anywhere, anytime.    



American Stories

This is Lorena

When she was only one year old, Lorena and her family moved to the United States, later joined by her two siblings born on American soil. Now, at seventeen years old, Lorena has not seen a doctor since she was six. Her dream career is to become an engineer but she is unable to pay for college tuition.

Recently, Lorena discovered that she can’t apply for FAFSA. With no workers permit or license, it would be impossible for Lorena to achieve her dream career. In addition, she is unable to seek medical help when she falls ill to the flu or infections. 

Is Lorena's life not important enough to receive access to medical help like her younger siblings have?

Meet Marcos

Marcos is an undocumented immigrant in the United States where he spends almost every day of his life living in fear. Having lost a childhood friend, Alonso, who was also an undocumented immigrant, Marcos realized the situation he was living in. Being labeled as "illegal", Marcos is stripped of the necessities that everyone should have in The United States. 

Marcos couldn’t receive medical help through Medicare or Medicaid. Over time, his condition worsened and he was unable to seek help. Today, Marcos is nineteen years old and living in fear.


He wonders why people can’t enjoy the luxury of full healthcare services regardless of their immigration status. 

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Immigrant Care Inc. is a Delaware 501(c)3 non-profit organization

dedicated to enabling undocumented immigrants to get access

to affordable health care.  ©2020 by Immigrant Care Inc.

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