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Biden Defends Policy Barring Undocumented Immigrants from Entering US-Mexico Border

At a court hearing Wednesday, Biden defended a policy barring more than 1 million undocumented immigrants from entering the US-Mexico border.

Biden said this Trump policy was necessary to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 at the border.

Many, including the American Civil Liberties Union, disagree with Biden’s argument, saying it was politically motivated. The ACLU, an organization that believes in civil rights for all, had filed the lawsuit after they referred some families to be admitted into the US and were denied.

Supporters of the policy said they feared the border facilities will be filled if the ban was lifted, making it difficult for individuals to practice social distancing. However, this has not been supported by any public health officials.

Those against the policy have argued that the facilities are equipped to handle the load with widespread vaccinations available and training administered.

Civil rights groups said they would continue to fight to allow undocumented immigrants into the United States and remove policy enforcing it.

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