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Defining the U.S. Telehealth Landscape During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has reimagined the interaction with our coworkers, families, and friends. Not only has our workplaces transitioned to a remote setting, but it has also redefined how the healthcare industry provides care to the masses. Due to the nature of the pandemic, there has been an increased need in telehealth.

Some commonly used terms in this realm are telehealth, telemedicine, teleconsultation, and telecare. Although these terms sound similar, it is important to distinguish between the four to get a better understanding of the field. Below is a tabulation that defines and gives some examples of these terms.

The infographic below helps to illustrate how some of these terms can sometimes get meshed together.

At Immigrant Care, Inc., our advocates are focusing and developing mobile tele-consultation services through the ImmiCare app (available on IOS and Android) that enables undocumented immigrants to get access to affordable healthcare, with total privacy between a licensed physician or alternative healthcare provider, while paying affordable rates.

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